About Gerry

Languages: English, German, Polish, Russian, Portuguese, French, Hebrew, Yiddish

Ph.D. (Mathematics) 1977, University of Toronto

Thesis: Phase-Space Approach to Relativistic Quantum Mechanics

Ph.D. (Physics) 1970, University of Wisconsin - Madison

Thesis: Application of Continuous-Moment Sum Rules

B.Sc. (Mathematics) 1962, Case Institute of Technology


1977-1998 Professor of Mathematical Sciences, Univ. of Massachusetts (now Emeritus)

Since 1998: Founder and Head, Signals & Waves

Since 1999: Editor-in-Chief (with Anne Boutet de Monvel), Progress in Mathematical Physics Book Series

2005-2012: Visiting Scholar, Center for Relativity, University of Texas, Austin

I now live and work in beautiful Bend, OR

Research interests

  • Quantum physics, relativity, black holes, quantum gravity

  • Complex spacetime and relativistic coherent-state representations

  • Real and complex differential geometry

  • Clifford analysis

  • Electrodynamics & optics

Membership in professional societies

  • American Mathematical Society

  • International Association of Mathematical Physics

Books published


    • Proceedings of the IEEE (PDF, 16 KB), December 1995.

    • Physics Uspekhi, Russian Academy of Sciences, 40 (10) 1997

    • IEEE Antennas and Propagation Magazine, April 1997

    • Notices of the Dutch Mathematical Society, February 1997

    • The Bulletin of the American Mathematical Society, January 1996

    • SIAM Review (PDF, 292 KB), December 1995

    • Mathematical Reviews, September 1995

    • International Mathematical News, Austrian Math. Soc., August 1995

    • Physics Today, July 1995

    • Computing Reviews, June 1995

    • Book of the Month, Library of Science, January 1995

Quantum Physics, Relativity, and Complex Spacetime: Towards a New Synthesis

North-Holland, Amsterdam, 1990

Reviewed in Bulletin of the American Mathematical Society, January 1993

Geometric Methods in Mathematical Physics, G. Kaiser and J.E. Marsden (editors)

Lecture Notes in Mathematics #775, Springer-Verlag, New York, 1980

Conferences organized

Selected journal and conference papers

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Short courses